The morning following his stunning debut recital performed before a capacity audience of 1,500 excited listeners in Vienna, Austria, the headline of The Podium heralded Raymond Jackson as "a God-Gifted Musician." Just a few days earlier in Munich, Germany the Suddeutsche Zeiting acclaimed him as "a masterly talent

More than a display of technical brilliance and an authoritative command of the keyboard (which he has in abundance), Jackson is an artist who envisions each performance as an opportunity to inspire and elevate his listeners. From city to city and country to country the responses are unanimous.


“His Chopin (Sonata No. 2) sounded fresh and new, wonderful and never experienced, like hearing it for the first time."
-Kurier (Berlin, Germany)

“A born pianist.”
-Le Journal de Geneve (Switzerland)

“An artist of grand valor... The audience was suddenly electrified.”
-Presse-Diffusion (Paris, France)

"A pianist one listens to with emotion.”
-Le Monde (Paris, France)

“A masterful achievement, varied, capricious, controlled and monumental.”
-Tidningen (Stockholm, Sweden)

“His Beethoven captured the work’s extremes of thunderousness and meditative grace.”
-The New York Times (New York, USA)

“Pianist Raymond Jackson holds audience spellbound.” (Headline)
-New York Amsterdam News

“Uncommonly gifted…. His piano recital was both exciting and moving.”
-The Washington Post (Washington, DC)

“Authority, brilliance and genuine fire were perfectly combined with sensitivity and lyricism.”
-Providence Journal

“His playing brought down the house.”
-Greensboro Daily News (Greensboro, NC)

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